Origin Story

Sidekick for Hire® was founded in 2015 with a simple mission: make life easier for busy people by freeing up their time to focus on what they do best! Today, we achieve this mission by assisting the busy professionals at nonprofits and small businesses with events, marketing, and project coordination – so they can best serve the communities who depend on them!

About the Founder: Rachel Buczynski

Rachel loves travel, languages, animals, Halloween, and efficiency. She’s a classic oldest child. And she really loves helping people enjoy every moment.

Rachel is the proud owner of a B.A. from Texas A&M University (whoop!) and a Certificate in Event Management from George Washington University. Before launching Sidekick for Hire, she served for over a decade in a variety of roles at national U.S. nonprofits honing key Sidekick superpowers like event planning, project management, travel coordination, writing and editing, and administrative support.

After years of using these powers at work as well as on the side (helping friends and family through the many pivotal plot points of life), she realized there are many small businesses, nonprofits, and individuals who could use a Sidekick every now and then.

Rachel believes we are all the Superheroes of our own stories, and that we can reach our full capacity by calling in for backup. What could your organization and staff accomplish with a Sidekick?

Contact us today to find out.

Photo by Julie DiCarlo Photography