My First Wedding Coordination

I served as day-of coordinator for my friends Allison and Dave back in May 2012. It was such a fun event to be part of because I had worked with both the bride and groom for years (where they met) and had truly watched their entire relationship unfold. It was wonderful to see them so happy as they exchanged vows. At the time, I had no aspirations of starting a business or working on weddings, but I was working full-time at a trade association managing programs and events. I guess Allison saw something in me I hadn’t yet!

Allison is incredibly organized and has great taste – she made wedding planning look like a piece of cake. So there weren’t a lot of obstacles when the day came. As usual though, even with the best-laid plans, a day-of coordinator stays very, very busy!

I got to the venue at 1pm and set to work putting out place cards, strapping a baby seat to her nephew’s chair, directing the florist/baker/DJ where to go, etc. When the ceremony time came, I directed each of the wedding party members when to go down the aisle. During dinner, I made sure the vendors had a bite to eat and then helped direct people inside for the cake-cutting and first dance. I stayed on the clock until the boxes were being packed up at the end of the night. Mr. Sidekick even chipped in by being my Sidekick and filming the wedding on a FlipCam (so 6 years ago!)

But we were also guests, so we had a blast, too! We danced and imbibed and ate delicious food. I was sore on Sunday from all the dancing. It was a truly beautiful wedding. The venue was James Monroe’s house, a big townhome in DC, that is now used as an art gallery. There was a centerpieces-lincoln-mason-jarsclassy and subtle Presidential theme – the tables were named after presidents, and letters between John and Abigail Adams were read during the ceremony. It tied in perfectly with the venue and the couple’s love of history and politics. The ceremony and dancing took place inside and dinner was in a huge courtyard out back, with perfect weather. Read more about their lovely event here.

It was really an honor to be there for them, and I’m so glad I was able to make their day better by taking care of the little stuff. When I thanked Justin for the 5th time for offering to work the camera, he said, “I like having a purpose.” Ditto!

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