A Beach-y Good Time

I’ve had a built-in Sidekick for a few decades now – my baby sister, Erin. She’s getting married this year, so I’ve gotten to pour my Sidekick energies into making it a great experience for her! We celebrated Erin and her fiancee Clayton with a beach-themed wedding shower. Erin has always loved the beach, and the couple will honeymoon in Florida, so it was a natural fit! To complement their wedding colors (turquoise and coral) and tie into the theme, I went with a sand-and-sea (blues and golds) color scheme.

Our space was a meeting room in an office building, which means the upside was a blank slate to decorate, and the downside was making it look a little less business-y and a bit more beach-y. The extra challenge was planning the shower from 1300 miles away – I shipped some things and brought the rest in a suitcase! Luckily, with several family members nearby, I was also able to raid their supply of dishes, platters, and nautical looking decor the day before the shower.

The event turned out great and the guests were kind and generous – the couple was definitely feeling the love!

Without further ado, the photos!


‘Two Less Fish in the Sea’ – custom-made banner


Salt Water Taffy Favors


Clothespin Game and Advice for the Couple


The card box was repurposed – Erin asked us to be bridesmaids with a few little gifts inside this box!


Swedish Fish on the cupcakes


My favorite part – the ‘crab’ sandwiches!


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